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Please note we no longer keep Festival information here for information including dates, artistes etc and to book online please visit our main website



For Past Festival Pictures, Programmes and Info - click the links below

Eastbourne Music Festivals Audience.
February O&K 2002
Tim Flint.
September O&K 2002
Glyn Madden
February O&K 2003
John Dalley.
September O&K 2003
Andrew Nix.
February O&K 2004
Harry Hussey and John Romero.
Feb Accordion 2004
Chris Powell.
October O&K 2004
Eastbourne Accordion Festival.
Feb Accordion 2005
Rod Pooley and James Asher
February O&K 2005
Chiho Sunamoto
May O&K 2005
Richard Bower, Adele and Sarah Foley, Tim Flint and Jean Martyn
September O&K 2005
John Romero with Anne Reed
December 2005
Charlie Watkins
February Accordion 2006
Howard Beaumont
February O&K 2006
John Walker, Tony Stace and Andrew Nix
May O&K 2006
Eastbourne Organ and Keyboard festival 2006
September O&K 2006
Pearl Adriano and Harry Hussey
October Accordion 2006
February Accordion 2007
February Accordion 2007
February 2007
February O&K 2007
May OK 2007
May O&K 2007
September OK 2007
September O&K 2007
Oleg Sharov
October Accordion 2007
February Accordion 2008
February Accordion 2008
Andrew Nix
February O&K 2008
Chris Powell
April O&K 2008
V Competition Weekend 2008
V Competition Weekend 2008
Gennaro Fiondella
Accordion Teaching Week 2008
Bret Wales
September O&K 2008
Crawley Accordion Orchestra
Accordion 2008
Richard Adey and Harry Hussey
February Accordion 2009
Carillon Festivals Organ and Keyboard Festival
O&K 2009
Tim Butterworth
September O&K
David Lukins
October Accordion 2009
Jack Emblow
February Accordion 2010
Elizabeth Harrison
February O&K 2010
Pete Shaw
May O&K 2010

September O&K 2010

October Accordion 2010

February Accordion 2011

February O&K 2011

September O&K 2011

October Accordion 2011

February Accordion 2012

February O&K 2012

September O&K 2012

October Accordion 2012

February Accordion 2013

February O&K 2013

September 2013

October Accordion 2013

February Accordion 2014

February O&K 2014

February Accordion 2015

June Accordion Magic 2015

The Burlington Hotel Folkestone
September Accordion 2015


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